Global footprint

Multi-country market research should take into account the multi-lingual and multi-cultural issues. Since 2002, Axess Research has built a responsive, cost-efficient network of native fieldwork partners all over the world. 

We believe that international market research can match the level of responsiveness and effectiveness you would expect from a domestic project. Axess Research has developed the capability to conduct effectively and rapidly your multi-country research in Europe, US, BRICS and the rest of the world.

Axess Research offers its experience of international markets to monitor growth and profitability of your products world-wide.



Main countries where we typically conduct market research (non exhaustive):

Home-based: France, USA

Very frequent countries: Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Mexico

Frequent countries: Canada, Australia, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Turkey, South Africa


Axess Research supervises its own interviewers in France and USA.

Axess Research closely manage network of fieldwork long-term partners specialized in Healthcare in Europe, US, BRICS and the rest of the world.

Our team speaks English, French, German and Spanish.