We comply with best practices in the industry and recognize the importance of a stringent, but fluid compliance to international and local regulations. Our process is continuously adjusted according to the most up-to-date legal and ethical requirements, and staff members receive essential training under the supervision of the quality management team.


We are regularly audited by the quality assurance department of our various pharmaceutical company clients.

We are members of the EphMRA, ASOCS, and ESOMAR and comply with the guidelines and deontology codes.


Quality Assurance

  • Quality Policy Document
  • Respondent disclaimer
  • Internal staff training


  • Adverse Event reporting
  • Internal staff training
  • Fieldwork partners training

Data protection

  • Secured access to data
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Data backup and restore process
  • Business continuity plan

Data privacy

  • Confidentiality clause
  • Data Protection Officer
  • GDPR, CCPA, CNIL compliance

Transparence / Anti-bribery

  • Sunshine Act / Fair Market Value / TOV
  • Loi Bertrand / Transparence Santé
  • CNOM
  • Non promotional / Non interventional
  • Public entity employer approval

“Beyond methodologies, marketing managers should have only one obsession: the
application of research insights in the action plans and the impact on business. In this way, a market research agency should become a partner from which we should expect flexibility and responsiveness.”

Market Research DirectorVaccine BU

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