Our philosophy

In business, decisions can be made on experience, gut feeling and intuition. This implies the acceptance of a substantial risk of making wrong decisions. Some businesses can probably afford the time wasted by poor decision making... Pharmaceutical business certainly cannot. Pharmaceutical business needs to valorise its R&D large investments in less than 15 years. And the wasted time attributed to poor decision making is just unbearable. That is when pharmaceutical market research comes in, to:

  • Reduce risks
  • Avoid wasted time
  • Optimize business results

Our objective is to bring to pharmaceutical industry a custom research service that combines in-depth understanding of the drug or medical devices environment and the expertise in qualitative and quantitative methodologies and techniques. We believe that innovative research techniques can bring additional value to pharmaceutical market research. We also think that the understanding of these research techniques should be shared with our clients so that findings can effectively be interpreted and translated in good decision making.

We believe that in market research project management, small is definitively beautiful. Experience shows that market research project management is more efficacious when managed by a dedicated small team. With Axess Research, your project is managed by a once for all dedicated research director and one or two project managers. The research director will design and support the proposal also write and validate the study material, supervise the project management, soundly validate the report and present the conclusions and recommendations. The research manager will manage recruitment and fieldwork, report fieldwork progress, analyse the data, write the report, attend the research presentation and participate to the questions and answers. We highly value long term partnership and open communication with our clients. This way, we deliver a sustainable and high quality service with a fast reaction time and visible commitment.