Our team

We lead a highly experienced staff with experience in sales & marketing research and also biology and pharmacology, regulatory and market access. Our project managers are either biologists or pharmacists with MBA or equivalent.

We cultivate a high sense of customer service and promote closed partnership with our clients.

Xavier Boutry, Research Director

Princeton - US office

EM Lyon Business School
Former product manager at Sanofi Pasteur

"As the founder and owner, I am one of your liaison to the range of qualitative and quantitative primary market research solutions at Axess Research. I have developed some long-term and closed partnerships with some major healthcare clients supporting their market research needs in diverse hospital and office based therapeutic areas. I have more specifically specialized in hospital drugs and medical devices areas (oncology, surgery, infectiology and neurology).

I work for corporate clients who consider that global market research can match the level of responsiveness and actionability you would expect from a domestic or local initiative. I make sure Axess Research developps the capability to conduct effectively and rapidly domestic and global research proposing the state of the art interviewing and analysis techniques."


Cécile Bernieri, Research Director 

Lyon - France office

Biology & EM Lyon Business School

Working at Axess offers both a challenging and polyvalent experience: as a research director, I get involved in all the steps a market research requires, from the proposal to the presentation to our clients, the goal being to keep in mind recommendations are to be realistic and actionable.

The problems our clients need our help on can occur at any stage of the medical product life cycle, and cover all aspects of the marketing mix; this requires on our side the knowledge and relevant use of either qualitative techniques (projective techniques, evolving mini-groups, focus groups), and quantitative methodologies (PCA, Conjoint Analysis, etc.).

Being in a human-sized structure leads each one of us to know and use on a regular base this panel of techniques, in order to eventually deliver the best recommendations to our clients, with whom we regularly touch-base during the whole project, from the briefing up to the final presentations, where results and recommendations are discussed.

Eventually, this leads to a win-win relationship between our clients and ourselves: they benefit from a tailored project management and a reactive team, and we benefit from this close relationship, as it helps us understand each day a bit more the strategic dilemmas and key decisions Pharmaceutical Companies face today, and anticipate which proposal we’ll have to imagine in the future…



Julien Bart, Research Director 

Lyon - France office

Pharma PhD & IMIS

"I graduated from faculté de pharmacie of Marseille and I have successfully completed my university curriculum with a master of marketing and management at IMIS (Pharmaceutical Market Research in the Institute of Health Industry Management) business school in Lyon. With regards to a convincing training period in market research, I decided to move towards a career in consulting to support marketing strategy.

I have spent these 10 past years at Axess Research developing high level of skills to offer the best capability to conduct effectively and rapidly researches at national and international level. I have contributed to develop an effective red of interviewers all over the world.

As a pharmacist and based on my experience at Axess Research, I can rapidly understand your objectives and contribute to your project success. I have more specifically specialized in hospital drugs and medical devices areas. I support and implement any interviewing and analysis techniques.

I daily collaborate with local and corporate market research clients. I guarantee flexible and appropriate management of your project from the understanding of your objectives to the sharing of the conclusions and recommendations. I will be your primary contact all along the research. You will benefit from our recognized availability, responsiveness and quality control.

My only objective: a true personal investment to give you the edge."



Céline Nadin, Research Director 

Lyon - France office

Pharma PhD

My belief is that the best strategies are based on a good understanding of the market. My training and experience in healthcare allows me to better understand this very intricate market. I consider this medical viewpoint fundamental to building realistic recommendations and action plans.

Innovative market research techniques are compelling. I aim to utilize the best in practice market research methdologies and adapt them to the healthcare sector. This allows me to improve the quality of our projects and insights obtained.

Responsiveness is one of the strenghts of Axess Research. I take great pride in always remaining available to my clients during the entirety of a project.