Our training worshops

We believe that market research techniques must be shared with our customers in our best and mutual interest. We offer to our clients complimentary training cessions in which we go in depth into a quantitative research technique. These workshops include exercises and case studies.

3 workshops are available:

Workshop N°1 : Qualitative Market Research

From the basics of in-depth qualitative research to projective techniques and creativity cessions. Qualitative research vs. quantitative research. The rules of active listening. The value of individual interviews (IDIs), focus groups or mini-groups. The review and explanation of the most frequently used projective techniques and creativity cessions (mood boards, role plays, guided fantasy trip, brand personification, serious games).

Workshop N°2 : Segmentation and advanced statistics

You like figures and statistics, we also do. From the basics of statistics to multivariate statistical techniques, we will cover the tools that allow us to make brand maps, segmentations and predictive algorithm.

Workshop N°3 : Conjoint Analysis

Would be our best seller should the Axess Workshop not be free! This workshop deals with the mystery of conjoint analysis starting with a live magic trick. At the end of this workshop, conjoint analysis will have delivered all its secrets.

Who can assist ?

  • Market research managers
  • Product managers
  • Trainees
  • And anyone interested in market research...

What do we need ?

  • Axess Research provides the training material.
  • You provide a room with a video projector.

How much time do we need ?

Each workshop last about 31/2 hours including a 15' break.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop in your laboratory, please contact us for more details.