Market landscape

Market landscape studies, also called Usage and Attitude studies (U&As), are a fundamental research type that provide an overview of the market landscape, aiming to understand and measure beliefs and practices.

Key business objectives

  • Describe and understand current disease perception and management
  • Identify the relevant local or international guidelines, if any, and evaluate to what extent practices differ from guidelines
  • Understand the role of each healthcare professional (HCP) in patient management and evaluate their weight in treatment decisions
  • Describe and understand the awareness of current treatments, perceived strengths, weaknesses, and associated patient profiles
  • Identify the most promising novel treatments and their potential impact in the treatment decision process
  • Identify unmet needs and reveal opportunities

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Market landscape

Market Landscape studies aim to understand beliefs and practices

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Concept testing

Concept testing evaluates the potential market size for a new product

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Patient journey

A patient journey maps the journey of the patient and the role of the stakeholders

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Segmentation identifies and describes homogeneous clusters

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Pricing research estimates your value and calculates the optimum price window

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Visual testing

Visual testing determines the visual that best conveys desired product benefits

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Detail aid testing

Detail aid testing validates and improves your detail aid and selling script 

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Advisory boards

Advisory boards typically assemble a group of Key Opinion Leaders 

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Messaging studies help you build and implement an optimal product communication

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Recall test

Recall tests evaluate the impact of your product detailing on your brand

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ROI evaluation

ROI evaluation calculates the impact of your multi-channel communication

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Patient charts

Patient charts observe real-world patient management via anonymized Patient Record Forms

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Brand tracker

Brand trackers monitor your brand awareness and execution on the Key Performance Indicators

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